Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Good News from GIRL'S GENERATION!!!

What could be Girls' Generation's surprise on December 21st?

What's in store for us tomorrow, December 21st? A surprise from Girls' Generation? Yes!

As if confirming the report a week ago about their comeback album, SM Entertainment has just revealed SNSD's new logo that includes their name 'So Nyuh Shi Dae' which is decorated with wings on the side as well as 'Mugunghwa', Korea's national flower and lastly the year '2013' at the bottom.

The photo also refers to December 21st at 10 AM which means we're just less than a day away on finding out what SNSD's surprise is.  Stay tuned everyone~

According to the music industry insiders, this teaser is actually for the release of a song preview from SNSD's upcoming album which will be out in January.


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